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Hot Water Solutions

Apricus Is Your Partner For Life

We’re here to provide you, your family or your business with worry free solar hot water. Whether it is a single bedroom studio apartment, a multi storey commercial office building, or a luxurious new home build on the beach, Apricus can provide a hot water solution to suit you.

When you engage with Apricus to provide your new solar hot water system – you are not purchasing a product, you are beginning a relationship. Our products are built to the highest quality, and our solar collectors carry an industry leading 15 year warranty, so it is our commitment to support you throughout the life of your new system.

What Does This Mean?

It means we are here. We are here to work with and support you throughout the entire process. From enquiry, sizing, design, installation, commissioning and beyond.

Solar Hot Water Collector and Tank

Hot Water for Homes

Hot water systems are the single most energy intensive appliance in the home, installing an Apricus solar hot water system can save you up to 80% on your water heating bills!

Solar Ready Hot Water Tanks

Solar Ready Tanks

Apricus solar ready tanks are the perfect option for those who want to go solar but are not quite ready yet. They allow you to install the tank now, and upgrade to solar later!

Commercial Solar Hot Water

Commercial Hot Water

The Apricus AP-30 solar collectors are being installed around the world to supply solar hot water for commercial and industrial applications.

Solar Pool Heating

Pool Heating

Apricus has partnered with Asosa to develop a solar pool heating solutions for the residential market. The Oceana collector uses evacuated tube technology to ensure you get the most out of your pool.

Worry Free Hot Water

Worry Free Program

The Worry Free program is the easiest way to install an Apricus solar hot water system, by joining the program you can also receive up to 7 years free maintenance!

Underfloor Solar Heating

Hydronic Heating

Designed to bring warmth into your
home in a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient way.

Cold Weather Performance

The Apricus evacuated tubes have superior performance in cold climates and during the cold months of the year when you need it the most.

National Support Network

Our products are available through 1,200 resellers across Australia so you're guaranteed to have local, dedicated support.

Passive Sun Tracking

The round tube design of the Apricus passively tracks the sun to provide more solar collection, for more hours of the day!

Cyclone Rated

Our mounting frames were designed right here in Australia, and are rated to withstand cyclonic winds.

Frost Protected

All Apricus solar hot water systems have built in frost protection (-15°C) without glycol, meaning less maintenance.

Australian Owned and Operated

Apricus is a completely Australian owned and operated, and all systems are designed specifically for the tough Aussie conditions.

Lifetime Support & Warranty

The Apricus solar hot water system carries industry-leading warranties:
15-Year warranty on solar tubes and heat pipes
15-Year warranty on manifold
15-Year warranty on framework
15-Year warranty on stainless tank
10-Year warranty on glass-lined tank
* Conditions apply.


I’ve recently compared my power bills from before I installed my Apricus, and after, and I’ve gone from spending over $100 per quarter on hot water alone, to less than $20! While all my friends power bills are going up, mine has been dramatically reduced.” — Linda Pattersen, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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